The Stephanie Rearick “Back Together Again” Tour Kickoff Press Conference

Stephanie Rearick, Madison musician and Director of the Dane Co. Timebank, will host a press conference on Wed. Sept. 23, 4:30-5pm at Mickey’s Tavern to let Madison and Dane Co. press and residents know how a local effort is resonating with people worldwide and helping forward an effort to shift our economy to a friendlier, more caring and more efficient model. She’ll also play a couple tunes.

Rearick is honored to have been invited to speak at the 2009 Economics of Peace Conference in Sonoma CA. Rearick follows the author Riane Eisler (The Real Wealth of Nations, The Chalice and the Blade), illustrating Timebanking as a real-world application of Eisler’s theories on building a caring economy and showing how it can be applied to achieve greater levels of social and economic justice. People around the country and around the world recognize the Dane Co. Timebank as a model of timebanking on a large and diverse scale and are taking steps to replicate the program, including a group of dozens of service organizations in Roseburg, Oregon where Rearick will conduct a Timebank training following the conference.

Rearick has built a cross-country music tour around her conference appearance and will bring her keyboard and loop-based classical/cabaret/pop extravaganza to the masses in Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Austin TX, Tucson AZ, LA, San Francisco, Sonoma, Portland, Boulder and Des Moines.

Along the way Rearick will use the opportunity to forward the message about Timebanking as a tool to develop a caring economy that rewards creative activity, caregiving and civic engagement.

For more information, press photos, music samples, etc, please contact Jon Hain at 259-1030

Matt is one of the co-founders behind Local Sounds, a non-profit organization that helps promote, preserve and develop Madison's local music scene. He has played drums for several bands and was formerly on the MAMAs board.

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