Local Sounds, An Official Sponsor of the 2009 MAMAs

Local Sounds is proud to announce that it is an official sponsor for the 2009 Madison Area Music Awards, to be held on May 9th, 2009 at the Barrymore Theater in Madison, Wisconsin. The Madison Area Music Awards (MAMAs) is a nonprofit organization with the mission of putting musical instruments into kids’ hands.

True, this isn’t the first year we’ve been recognized as an official sponsor, however, with each passing year the status and reputation of being a sponsor for such a great (and young) organization becomes more and more significant. This year is no different.

Details regarding organization efforts, fundraisers, the awards show, and the voting and nomination processes can be found on the official Madison Area Music Awards website at www.themamas.org.

Matt is one of the co-founders behind Local Sounds, a non-profit organization that helps promote, preserve and develop Madison's local music scene. He has played drums for several bands and was formerly on the MAMAs board.

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