End of Summer 2010

Where has the summer gone??  It’s always such a disappointment when the season(s) we really enjoy always seem to go twice as fast as our archenemy Winter.  Summer in Wisconsin is the season of festivals and outdoor entertainment, drawing people out in large numbers.  But as soon as it starts to get cold, it seems the local music scene once again has to move back indoors and hope that concert goers brave the cold to attend the winter events.  But enough about my season rant!  On to the music…

2010 has been a great year for Local Sounds.  So far, we’ve hosted two fundraisers, kicked started the process of converting from an LLC business entity to a non-profit corporation, merged with and started to redesign the ever popular Madtown Lounge website and community, continued to increase the momentum and growth of Local Sounds Magazine and Local Sounds TV, re-launched MadisonUrban.com as HipHopMadison.com, and started the Local Sounds Music Museum on the Madtown Lounge website.  And it’s only August!

This fall, Local Sounds is once again sponsoring the Industry Meltdown Midwest Music Summit.  If you remember, we were a small part of the inaugural year when it was held at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison in 2008.  This year, it is being held at Potawatomi Bingo and Casino in Milwaukee on September 17th and 18th, 2010.  Check out their website (link above) for more information.

This fall also marks another first for the Madison area as the First Annual Madison Hip-Hop Awards is held at the Orpheum Theatre on November 5th. Local Sounds is proud to play a part in this event and newly formed organization by using its HipHopMadison.com as a website and portal to information about the award show, artist registration, voting, and more.

We’d like to thank everyone who has either volunteered, partnered with, supported, or helped us in some way this year.  Part of our mission includes creating lasting relationships with other local music organizations, volunteers, bands and fans to build the community, and we think we’ve done a pretty decent job this year. :)  Here’s to more to come this year, and into 2011!

Support your local music scene.  If you don’t, who will?

Matt, Rick, Allen, and Lucas

Matt is one of the co-founders behind Local Sounds, a non-profit organization that helps promote, preserve and develop Madison's local music scene. He has played drums for several bands and was formerly on the MAMAs board.

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