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Local Sounds TV & Red Dragon TV Present the MAMAs – A Web TV Series

Local Sounds TV is back for another Madison Area Music Awards season, and this time we have some company! Local Sounds TV is excited to partner up with Madison’s very own Red Dragon TV to bring you a multi-part live web broadcast series featuring the MAMAs. Starting March 16th and continuing every Friday night from 7-9pm, we will feature one of the genre categories from the Madison Area Music Awards on a web broadcast live from the Red Dragon TV Studios. Continue reading

“Following” is sooo in; “Friending” is sooo out

You may have noticed a recent change in the way you connect with other fans and artists on Up until December 2011, you could friend others as you would on Facebook.

Now, we’ve changed things to allow you to now follow your favorite bands and fans as you would on Twitter. After staring at our screen for weeks, we finally decided that following your favorite music people made a lot more sense than trying to be everyone’s friend.

Do you like this change? Let us know in the comments below. :)

Introducing Local Sounds Music Scenes

January 22nd, 2011 was a milestone in the redesign and conversion process of Madtown Lounge to Local Sounds. It was the day we updated and rebranded the City Pages section as Music Scenes!

One of the major ideas behind the Local Sounds ecosystem is that local music should stay local to its own city or region, yet have the ability to network with other areas and have a ripple effect to promote everwhere. Live Locally. Promote Globally. Seem like a basic concept? :)

Here is the rough definition that we established for this idea: is a network of connected local music scenes that cross promotes areas from one region to another, allowing independent artists to reach farther with their music by creating their own network of fans and other artists from their home base.

So the goal with the Local Sounds Music Scenes is to have a city-centric landing page or homepage that summarizes and collects all the information from for a particular city and display it as a quick reference for fans and artists alike. For example, visiting the Local Sounds Madison music scene allows me to review the top shows or events going on today/tonight, the most popular artists in Madison (according to, the most popular venues in Madison (and where they’re located on the map), the most recent activity from Madison users on, recent news from Local Sounds, and the top album releases in Madison. Pretty nice huh?

We would love to hear some feedback from our users. If you have comments, concerns or other suggestions to help us make the new Music Scenes section even better, let us know! You can leave your comments below, on our Local Sounds Facebook page, or email us at!

Local Sounds – The Rest of the Story

During the past few months, I’ve talked with more and more people in the local music industry who are very supportive of what we do and what Local Sounds is. But, unfortunately, it seems like several of those people are also a little confused as to what Local Sounds really is.

I’ll admit, there are a couple reasons for this. For starters, it can be hard to put something into words that sometimes we can’t fully grasp. That’s right, the ideas that make up Local Sounds are so complex and maybe not even fully conceived yet that sometimes we don’t know what we’re talking about yet! :) The concept of Local Sounds is really a lot bigger than most people realize. It’s just that as a fairly new organization, most of Local Sounds’ potential hasn’t been realized yet, and it won’t be for quite some time. It’s a huge undertaking, but it’s something we’re passionate about and that’s all the motivation we need to drive this baby home. :)

Another reason, and this one is definitely more my own fault, is that I like to introduce new features and projects as surprises after they’ve been baking for awhile. I don’t want to give away a lot of what we have in our pipeline because that ruins the fun of it. :) I like to think of Local Sounds as “the Apple, Inc. of the music industry”. You’ll never get the full story or truth until you get it straight from us!

So enough explaining myself! What is Local Sounds?! Local Sounds is not just a magazine that’s the reincarnation of Rick’s Cafe. Local Sounds is not just a web television outlet for local music. Local Sounds is not just a social network for the music industry. It’s ALL of those things in one package, with more to come.

And here’s what I hope is the kicker that will finally answer your question(s): Local Sounds is an ecosystem being designed and developed to act as an alternative to the mainstream music industry model. By treating your music career as your own business, you will achieve greater success than by getting signed to a major label in a crumbling music economy. Self-employed is the way to go, and Local Sounds is the organization you want to be a part of in order to make your music business happen.

And while I’m at it, here’s another thought: Right now, artists have to be on several different websites to promote themselves. Why can’t you join just one and have that organization push you out to all the different mediums out there? Why can’t you just join one organization and get the online and physical presence of a nationally recognized signed talent? We wondered the same thing.

Being a musician is as much a career as being a doctor, IT administrator or CEO. Isn’t it time we as musicians started treating it as such?