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Making a Live DVD – DIY! Part Three

Pronounced, "DOOOV DAH"Today we come to the final article on DIY DVD production. If my first two articles didn’t scare you away – congratulations! You’re an official DIY badass, or perhaps slightly delusional. In either case, you now have excellent video and audio from your event. It went off without a hitch – all your fans have been talking for weeks about the giant rotating drumkit and the chorus of belly dancers that accompanied you on your hit single. You’ve extracted all your audio and video files. You’ve got backups of the backups, and you’re ready to put your DVD together. So, now what?

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The Madison Artist’s Complete Guide to the MAMAs Red Carpet Experience

MAMAs 2014 Poster (click to view larger)As most of you who live in Madison know, the Madison Area Music Awards, or MAMAs, are held late spring, early summer at the Overture Center.  This year the MAMAs are on Sunday, June 22.  The theater doors open and the Red Carpet Experience kick off at 6:00pm and the curtain rises at 7:00pm.

But Matt, why do we need a “survival handbook” for the MAMAs Red Carpet?

Well, because I said so.  And because there are some new additions to the red carpet this year that will knock your pants off! Continue reading