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Connecting With the Audience

Making a Meaningful Moment and Keeping It Real

What’s the secret to connecting with an audience? If you’re a solo performer, how do you give the people gathered to hear you a meaningful experience? What about for bands? Is it even possible?

Fans at rock showThe answer is yes… and, no.

YES magical moments are possible during your performance. And, NO you can’t “make” them happen.


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Getting Inspiration From the Greats

My favorite concerts make me want to rush home, grab my guitar, and practice into the night—until I’m so tired I just can’t hold the instrument anymore.

I get the most inspiration from performers who give their all on stage, yet never seem to burn out or become jaded. I seek out these experiences, because when I am inspired, I become a better performer. I am hungry for those “wow” moments. They feed my own muse.

Here are a few memorable concert-going memories from my scrapbooks. What are yours?
How can you tap into the muse, and “wow” your fans like the great performers do?

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Are you employable?

Own Your Status As a Musician, and Find a “Survivable” Survival Job


Are you employable in non-music settings?

For about a year, I held a factory job, performing quality control tests and working on creating a database to organize the results. It was enjoyable work, with pleasant colleagues, providing some of my earliest computer training in SQL.

If music is your calling (passion, vocation, obsession)—then you might be familiar with this conundrum:

  • You want to be employable in a “survival job” or alternate career to supplement your income;
  • You’re not sure where to start looking for employment that will help meet your needs AND leave time and energy for practice, performance, and maintaining your music career; and
  • You don’t know how to “fit” your life as a musician into job application checkboxes (experience, qualifications, and all the rest). Are you employable?

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When Should You Give Up? (Hint: Never?!)

Never Give Up“We know what you want to accomplish. We may even know how you’d like everything to turn out.  The real question ends up being– what are you willing to push through any dips for– what are you willing to stand up for, bleed for, commit to, and sometimes be unreasonable about because you want it so much?  It is what’s actually going to get done.”
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